Magical Braunwald

Deep in the heartland of Glarnerland atop an immense cliff lies a sleepy sun terrace. Here, where quaint chalets are hewn into the mountainside and trails drape over the wooded slopes like oversized ribbons, mass tourism seems a million miles away. Overlooked by wild and powerful peaks, Braunwald is a land of fairytales.

BraunwaldNear Grotzenbühl, a little group of tall fir trees huddles around a tiny hut made from gnarled bark. This is the home of Braunwald’s most famous invisible resident, the bearded dwarf Zwäärg Baartli. We follow his trail on a sunny autumn afternoon along the themed Zwäärg Baartli fairytale walk:

  1. Zwergenschloss/Dwarf’s castle: Near the Gumen cable car station, the throne of the king of the dwarves is tucked away in a crevasse. Here, you can still find signs of the great dwarf ball that takes place in the castle’s hall of mirrors each year
  2. Rindenhüttli/Bark hut: A tiny hut made from bark serves as Zwäärg Baartli’s winter residence
  3. Edelsteinspalte/Crevasse of precious stones: Discover the crevasse where Baartli found his red precious stone – and left behind his pick and lamp
  4. Tiidis Hüsli/Tiidi’s little house: A mere stone’s throw from the Brummbach waterfall is the house of Baartli’s aunty Tiidi, who mended the dawrf’s little trousers
  5. Zwergenhöhle/Dwarf’s cave: Zwäärg Baartli must have left his cave in a hurry – his snack is still there!
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Fact file

  • Duration: roughly 3.5 hours
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Suitable for: Families (for small children, there is a shorter themed walk)
  • Based on: The fairytale of Zwärg Baartli (available at the tourism office)


  • Gumen – Zwergenschloss: 20 minutes
  • Zwergenschloss – Edelsteinspalte: 30 minutes
  • Edelsteinspalte – Zwergenhöhle: 30 minutes
  • Zwergenhöhle – Rindenhüttli: 15 minutes
  • Rindenhüttli – Bergrestaurant Chämistube: 5 minutes
  • Bergrestaurant Chämistube – Tiidis Hüsli: 60 minutes
  • Tiidis Hüsli – Musiktruhe/Bergstation: 45 minutes