Fireworks Pottery & Ceramics: Made with love

Ever stuck for ideas for what to do on a rainy afternoon? Just recently, I decided to treat the kids to some pottery painting. I know they love it; we’ve done it before, but never in Switzerland. With a little research, we stumbled upon a little gem of a place: ‘Fireworks’ in Dübendorf.

Pic_resizedOnce you get inside, you are transported to a bright and colourful world of pottery. Floor-to-ceiling shelves boast tidy rows of all kinds of crockery and ornamental pieces. At the moment, the selection includes a wide range of Christmassy items to transform into perfect colourful glossy gifts and decorations for the festive season.

Once you have chosen your piece, there’s no need to be worried if you haven’t quite connected to your inner creative side – there are wonderful finished samples everywhere, and for further inspiration plenty of craft and pottery books to flick through.

‘Fireworks’ was born eight years ago out of owner Rose Haechler Galle’s passion for pottery painting. Personally attending to her guests, she makes everyone feel at home – and with the assistance of her staff members they magically managed to remain calm and friendly amongst the rainy Wednesday afternoon kids’ chaos. It doesn’t just stop at the pottery, though. Completing the experience is Rose’s cosy little café ‘Kafi Näbendra’, serving tasty Swiss and American-style food as well as drinks and cakes.

My seven-year-old son was quite taken by Rose’s daughter Nata, who is fantastic with children. He wouldn’t quite trust me to help with his skull money box, so he followed her around each time he needed the next colour and she was extraordinarily patient with him.

My kids all loved it there, but after intense concentration for over an hour, no one is parting with their masterpieces. We will just have to go back another time to make something suitable for presents. Note to myself: also go back alone or with other grown ups one evening!


What the kids say:

The thing Jodie enjoyed most was “the handbag” and “to make painting.” Just to explain, she is three years old and to – her delight – she found a little jewellery box in the shape of a handbag. The other two (Jay, aged seven, and Jessica aged eight) agreed that “you can paint a lot and try out a lot of things.” What was really important was that “there’s a big choice” and that “you make lots of fun things.” I hadn’t realised just how important the selection process was and it couldn’t be rushed – it was really part of the experience for the kids. The atmosphere also had a significant impact on the children and they agree that the “lady (Rose) was very nice and helps a lot of kids.” Of course, they won’t remember what she said, but they still remember how she spoke and how it made them feel. They undoubtedly felt good as Jay has already decided he’ll paint a pirate box and a cup next time.


What mum says:

It is very hands on with the younger kids, as with most activities, and I had lots of to-ing and fro-ing to the paints section. In hindsight, I should just have grabbed some basic colours in the beginning – and then once the children were settled, I should have gone and got any missing colours. I was impressed by how incredibly child-friendly Fireworks was. As a parent of three young kids, I always feel a bit anxious around breakables, but the atmosphere truly encouraged me to relax and enjoy the buzzing energy of excited little people.



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Make it happen:

Fireworks Pottery & Ceramics

Untere Geerenstrasse 2, 8600 Dübendorf

+41 76 55 90 118 |


Opening times:

  • Monday 11am – 6.30pm
  • Tuesday 11am – 6.30pm
  • Wednesday 11am –  9pm
  • Thursday 9am – 6.30pm
  • Friday 11am –  6.30pm
  • Saturday 9am – 5pm
Text: Marie Geiger
Photos: Marie Geiger